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Which treatment is best for piles, laser, or stapler?

Which treatment is best for piles, laser, or stapler?

Which treatment is best for piles, laser, or stapler?

What are piles?

Piles, generally recognised as haemorrhoids, are blood capillaries in the rectum and walls of the anal canal. Usually, The condition develops when the veins in our body around the anus become inflamed and distended, like varicose veins in the legs.  Since the blood capillaries involved in our body must constantly battle pressure to get blood back up to the heart, the muscle over them gets stretched when these blood vessels expand. That process creates a sac-like formation that gets further tightened during our bowel flow, causing sharp pain and trouble. It is one of the most embarrassing conditions to discuss with anybody, so most of them choose to treat with on the counter medications or leave it untreated. Small changes in the diet and workout are advised to piles patients in the initial stages of piles. Only in the initial stage, doctors suggest creams and oils to help heal the pain temporarily.

Doctors only recommend surgery for piles when there are no other treatments for Piles or haemorrhoids. It shows responses based on the type of piles, and their treatments vary according to the classes. Home remedies, medications, and manual methods are preferred for first, second, and third-degree piles. Traditional methods do not work for the piles or haemorrhoids which are adhering out of the anal canal.

In the case of the fourth degree and greater degree of critical piles, There are some valuable and efficient surgeries which include Piles stapler surgery and laser surgery.

Piles stapler surgery:

Piles stapler surgery

Piles stapler surgery is a surgical procedure for frequently Grade 3 and grade 4 piles patients. It is also recognized as stapled hemorrhoidectomy. The process includes the removal of enlarged piles tissues, and it is conducted under regional anaesthesia. Surgeons remove the lumps or piles, and a part of the anorectal is stapled. The stapler method is a 30-40 minute procedure, and the patient is discharged on the same day after comprehensive diagnosis.

It is a comparatively modern surgical procedure for managing piles, and it has quickly grown as one of the treatment options for third-degree piles surgery. Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is incorrect since the operation does not remove the haemorrhoids but, instead, the abnormally lax and enlarged hemorrhoidal supporting tissue that has allowed the haemorrhoids to prolapse downwards. Once the blood accumulation of the hemorrhoidal muscle is cut off, it is preserved, and the prolapsed mucosa will be drawn upwards.

Laser surgery:

Laser surgery or laser therapy is a day-care method that offers several benefits over traditional surgery. Laser cauterization is a procedure in which the surgeon burns to contract the swollen haemorrhoids. Alternatively, the surgeon may use a small laser beacon to focus only on the haemorrhoid and not break the nearby muscles. It is a reliable and safest procedure with minimum bleeding, and you can experience healing quickly. Compared to stapler surgery, laser efficiently heals piles and ease the symptoms and also reduces post-surgery pain.

Following are the benefits of painless laser surgery :

Following are the benefits of painless laser surgery

  • Less Surgery time, discharge in several hours
  • Back to regular life in 3-5 days
  • More comprehensive surgical sureness
  • Treatment with no injuries
  • Most active recovery as there are no cuts or stitches
  • Quick relief from the symptoms
  • limited blood loss through surgery
  • Minimal Post-surgery pain
  • Decreased risk of infection

If you’re suffering from piles, you are not alone. It is expected that piles will affect at least 50% of the people throughout their lives, making it one in two of us! We understand that Piles may not be a topic you feel happy discussing, but there is not necessary to undergo the pain in silence.

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