About Doctor

Dr. Pankaj Thoria


With a visionary to provide world-class treatment by using advanced technique, machines, and facilities for fast patient recovery, founder of Pooja Surgical Hospital, Dr Pankaj Thoria is a practising anorectal medication since his college days and with an established custom of over 24 years. 

He is dedicated to acquiring excellent patient outcomes by following all necessary medical procedures with the use of the latest industry equipment and advanced technologies. He has been successfully handling piles, fistula, fissures, moreover related illnesses and healed more than 25,000 of patients.

Treasure of knowledge

Pooja Surgical Hospital is proud of Dr Pankaj Thoria for receiving the multiple awards in providing exemplary services, introducing Japanese HAL technique for the first time in India and Italian THD technique in Gujarat. Not just this, Dr Pankaj Thoria is the most experienced doctor/surgeon who offers equipped German IRC & American PPH03 (PPH03 Hemorrhoidal Stapler) techniques in Kutch. He has also conducted several camps, worked with distinct doctors and attempted more than 10,000 surgeries.

With a goal to treat maximum anorectal patients and get nominated in Guinness World Record Book, Dr Pankaj Thoria strongly focuses on listening and addressing patient concerns by answering all questions in terms patients can easily understand.


  • Leadership expertise to lead, manage, and train staff in providing patients with quality care.

  • Highly organized, which allows him to keep appointments, records, and patient details in order.

  • Superior to promptly and adequately diagnose patient conditions in emergencies.

  • Detailed oriented services, which reduces mistakes made in patient treatment, diagnosis, and medication administration.


With years of practice, Dr Pankaj Thoria merges cutting edge technology and modern techniques to improve the precision of diagnosis and treatment.