Fistula (Bhagandar Surgery)

What are Fistula?

An anal fistula is a path from the anal canal on to the skin of the peri-anal area or buttocks. Through this path and its external opening, pus or blood stays on discharging intermittently or continuously.

The causes of Fistula

Just inside your anus, various glands make fluid. Sometimes, they get hindered or clogged, and when this happens, a bacteria buildup can produce a swollen pocket of infected tissue or liquid.

They can also occur from conditions like:


Sexually transmitted diseases

An ongoing illness that affects your bowels

Signs & symptoms of piles

  • Pain

  • Redness

  • Swelling around your anus

  • Bleeding

  • Uncomfortable bowel movements or urination

  • Fever

  • A foul-smelling fluid flowing from a hole near your anus

How does Pooja Surgical Hospital diagnose Fistula?

Pooja Surgical Hospital is well furnished for the diagnosis of Fistula. Our highly-qualified doctors listen carefully to your complaints to examine your problem externally and digitally. We also conduct a video Proctoscopic examination which is carried out during your visit at Pooja Surgical Hospital in Rajkot, Gujarat. It is used to know the internal structure (path) of the Fistula.

How do we treat Fistula?

Fistulas are wicked for recurring after treatment or surgery.
Hence, being one the leading hospitals for Fistula in Rajkot, Gujarat offers multiple treatment options for Fistula. Our treatment options range from traditional medicine like an ayurvedic method to advanced technologies surgical treatments.
Pooja Surgical Hospital is one of the rare pioneering centres in Gujarat, where a large number of patients have experienced painless Fistula surgery and are very satisfied with the results. We use advanced technologies to provide painless treatment with high success rates. At Pooja Surgical Hospital, we use advanced technologies and modern techniques for hernia and piles treatment in Rajkot.